Royal Satchel
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Tables display two distinct sets of WoW auction house prices; 14-day statistical prices and current auction house prices. For established, stable items, using 14-day stats is recommended. During new expansions and content patches, some new items may have highly erratic and volatile prices; for these, current auction house prices should be used!

14 day prices and stats for [Royal Satchel]

Statistic name US - Proudmoore / Alliance REGION: All US Alliance
Median Market Price (StdDev)   2194 00    ( ± 154 04) 2400 38    ( ± 85 34)
Today's Projected Market Price (StdDev)   2227 48    ( ± 159 21) 2286 58    ( ± 65 57)
Daily Price Change Trend +0.20 % -0.56 %
Average Posted per Day 54.43 26.70
Estimated Sold per Day 12.93 4.54
Estimated Demand 24 % 17 %

Current AH prices and quantities

Statistic name Auction House
Currently on AH Processing...
AH Minimum Buyout Processing...
AH Market Price (15th centile) Processing...

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Charts show 90 days price and quantity auction house history for Royal Satchel on US - Proudmoore / Alliance.

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Sum of quantities for all auction house posts are displayed, as well as Market Price for each individual seller (15th centile of all his post prices)

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