About WoWuction
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About WoWuction

Why WoWuction?

I believe that useful information on how to make more gold in WoW can be extracted from AH data and presented to players in a simple and clear way.
I'm very passionate about making quality software that provides value to its users.
This is why WoWuction exists!! :)

What is it really?

WoWuction is an online stats tool for World of Warcraft auction house traders!
Its purpose is to be the best in the world at helping you earn more gold!

What WoWuction really does?

WoWuction collects auction house hourly data from most WoW servers and creates all kinds of statistics you can use.
You will be able to see single item stats, profession advice, bargains, global economy stats or even have WoWuction email you whenever a cheap item appears on your auction house. It's cool (especially if you are a stats nerd like me), so just check it out!

So how do I start using it?

It's very simple: first, choose your realm! Home page will display popular mats available on your auction house that might be bargains!
I would advise that you log in to WoWuction (login in the upper right corner), although you don't have to. This will enable you to use email-me-when-cheap-item-appears feature :)
Now you can check for any item on your realm by typing a partial item name in the 'Look for item' box. Once you select it, a page with various stats about that item will appear.
You can also choose profession from the mainmenu dropdown. This will take you to profession advice and analysis page, where you can check out which profession products are profitable to make.
Broker is a special tool where you can tell WoWuction to watch out for some items if they meet certain criteria (for example they show up on auction house very cheap). Broker can email you when this happens, so you can quickly login to WoW and snatch those bargains! :) Broker requires you to login to WoWuction.

This is nice, can I help?

Dear visitor, you are already helping by being here and making this project serve its purpose. IF you like and find this project useful, please spread the word!
Ideas, bugs, likes, don't-likes, plain hellos - just comment it on the facebook page, twitter or drop me a mail at wowuctioneer@gmail.com :)

My other stuff

If you like difficult puzzles and mobile games, be sure to check out my mobile puzzle game Sharp Minds. It's free, with no ads or in-apps and is available at both Google Play and App Store.

Thank you! I hope you enjoy using WoWuction as much as I enjoy creating it!!