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WoWuction On Your Site

WoWuction Projected Market Price Tooltips

You can use WoWuction to display region PMktPrice for an item when user moves mouse over the item link, similar to wowhead tooltips.  It looks like this (try moving mouse pointer over it): [Flask of The Draconic Mind]

WoWuction tooltips will also display when you hover over any Wowhead item links if you're already using Wowhead's tooltips script
Example: Queen's Garnet

To add this goodie to your website/blog, add the following line anywhere on your page (best on the page layout just before the closing body tag):
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> 

Depending on the platform you are using (blogspot, wordpress) you should probably look for something like 'add html/javascript to your page'.

All links on the page pointing to<itemid> will now display a tooltip with wow auction house region prices. Links can be both global (without realm) or specific e.g. 
realm specific:

Both will display same tooltips, with only difference being where would they take user when clicked.

So, let's say you want to add Queen's Garnet link and tooltip to your site. You would create a link like this:
<a href="">Queen's Garnet</a>

Resulting link would be: [Queen's Garnet]

You can find item ID or complete url to wowuction item by simply navigating to that item on wowuction site itself.

Important Notes:
This script is still in testing phase, so please try it out and report any possible problems via Contact us or WoWuction twitter.
It should work on all major browsers and won't work on IE versions older than IE 8.