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How does WoWuction work?


WoWuction collects and statistically processes WOW auction house data in order to give end user simple insights into item and profession products/material prices, price statistics and various advices on what to produce, what to buy, what to sell and at what price. Its main goal is to help World of Warcraft players make more gold. Data is collected via Blizzard API which takes snapshots of auction houses approximately every 1 hour. WoWuction examines every snapshot for every realms and stores relevant data for further use.

WoWuction statistics

There are two distinct types of data that system deals with; one is raw auction house data, containing which auctions are available, which are closed/sold etc. Other data set is produced once per day as a aggregation of last day's auction house activities.

Daily data is used for long term histories and price predictions, while auction house data is used for alerts, AH scans and competition analysis.

Auction house data is preserved for the last 14 days, while daily data is preserved indefinetely, giving system the ability to produce many historical insights into World of Warcraft economy.

There are several terms that are used across the site and you can read what they are in more detail here: WoWuction Terms